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Effective November 21, 2020, all travellers to Canada are required to submit travel and quarantine information to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) digitally using ArriveCAN

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How Does ArriveCAN Work?

1. Entering Canada by Air or Land

All travellers entering Canada by air or land (with limited exceptions) must use ArriveCAN to submit your travel information within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada.

2. Travelling to Canada by Marine

If you travel to Canada by marine, you are strongly encouraged to submit your travel information through ArriveCAN prior to your journey for faster processing at the border.

Information Requirements for Travelling to Canada

Whether travelling to Canada by air, land, or sea, you must use ArriveCAN to submit the following information:

  • Travel and contact information for you and other people travelling with you, if you are staying at the same quarantine location
  • Purpose of travel and travel details (e.g. date of arrival, flight no., etc.)
  • Vaccination information / proof of vaccination
  • Reference code for your 3-night reservation at a government-authorized hotel (for air travellers only, unless exempt)
  • Pre-entry COVID Test information
  • Information about the countries you stayed in or visited in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Canada
  • Quarantine plan (unless exempt)

Be ready to show your ArriveCAN receipt when you arrive to Canada. A CBSA Officer will verify that you have submitted your information. If you do not submit your information through ArriveCAN, you may:

  • Face additional delays at the border for public health questioning
  • Be subject to enforcement action, ranging from verbal warnings to $1,000 fines

Information submitted through ArriveCAN will be shared securely with provinces and territories so travellers can be contacted for public health follow-up and to verify compliance with public health orders. It will also help reduce processing times at the border and limit physical contact between travellers and border services officers.

Exemptions for Fully Vaccinated Travellers

On July 5, 2021, Canada allowed some exemptions for fully vaccinated travellers who meet specific conditions and are eligible to enter Canada. As a result, you may qualify for exemption from quarantine, hotel stopover, or testing requirements if you: 


Information for COVID-19 Vaccinated Travellers


Requirements After Entry to Canada

If you meet and qualify for exemption as a fully vaccinated traveller, you will not be required to send in reports.

Travellers that do not qualify for fully vaccinated exemption must provide the following information after their entry into Canada.

You must use ArriveCAN or call 1-833-641-0343 to confirm the following:

  • Confirm that you have arrived at a government-authorized hotel for quarantine or isolation (air travellers)
  • Confirm that you have arrived at the address you provided for your quarantine or isolation location
  • Complete daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessments during your quarantine period or until you report symptoms


Get the ArriveCAN App

Get the ArriveCAN App through one of the following:

  1. Download the ArriveCAN mobile app on the App Store or Google Play; or
  2. Register and sign in to use ArriveCAN online.

For More Information

Visit Canada’s ArriveCAN Program for more information on requirements and registration.

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