PF Collins has been providing high quality Customs Brokerage services to a wide range of clients and industries for over 100 years. Fully licensed as a Customs Broker through the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), we combine our expertise in import and export regulations with modern technology to expedite your customs clearance and ensure your shipments arrive on-time.

Qualified through the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB), our Certified Customs Specialists (CCS) and Certified Trade Compliance Specialists (CTCS) apply their knowledge of customs legislation to determine the correct tariff classification, value for duty, free trade agreement status, and other duty reduction measures to ensure you are paying the least amount of duty while complying with government regulations.

Our customs brokerage services include:

  • Customs clearance at all Canadian borders and ports of entry
  • Accurate duty valuation and tariff classification
  • Collaboration with vendors and carriers to ensure expedited documentation
  • Pre-arrival and customs release via CBSA’s Single Window Initiative (SWI)
  • Shipment status┬áreporting
  • Online PARS Tracker to track your shipments
  • Management of Free Trade Agreement status (e.g. CUSMA, CETA)
  • Monitoring and processing of temporary imports
  • Monitoring special import measures, including import/export permits


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Customs Consulting & Compliance Services

PF Collins also offers Customs Consulting and Compliance services to help minimize the risks and duty costs associated with international trade and procurement. Our experienced Customs Consultants can review your purchase orders, purchasing plans, Incoterms, and supply chain activities up-front to ensure you are paying the least amount of duty while staying compliant with all Canadian import and export regulations.


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We offer a full line of international trade and logistics services to meet all of your shipping needs. Contact our Certified Customs Specialists at [email protected] for more information or assistance with your importing and exporting activities.

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