We have completed our CARM Webinars for 2021! Check back in January for our 2022 webinar schedule.

CARM & Your Responsibilities as an Importer

CARM is the most significant change in the Canadian importing process in over 30 years and will affect the way you manage your imports and pay duties/taxes. As of May 2022, it will be mandatory for all importers to be registered to the CARM Client Portal and secure their own financial security for customs release of all imported goods.

Join Deborah Osborne, VP Customs & Consulting, and Ron Malone, Import Manager, for a complimentary webinar on CARM and what you need to do to prepare for CARM Release 2 in May 2022.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. How to Register to the CARM Client Portal
  2. Financial Security Requirements and How to Obtain your Surety Bond

This is your chance to ask us all the questions you have about CARM, including:

  • What is CARM? Do I have to register?
  • Can PF Collins register for me?
  • How will this affect my imported shipments and business?
  • How do I get a GCKey?
  • What are Affinity Questions? Where can I find the answers?
  • Do I need to get a Surety Bond? How much is a Surety Bond?
  • What happens if I have not registered and obtained a bond by May 2022?

We’re Here to Help!

We offer full CARM Registration Services to help you navigate registration to the CARM Client Portal. If you have any questions, please contact us and/or sign up to receive our CARM e-newsletters at [email protected].