Canada’s Free Trade Agreements

Canada’s Free Trade Agreements Did you know? Canada’s total trade is worth more than two-thirds of its GDP and approximately 75% of this value occurs between countries that have engaged in a Free Trade Agreement. Canada currently has Free Trade Agreements at varying stages of implementation with more than 40 countries.   NAFTA The North American

Importing a Vessel into Canada

Importing a Vessel into Canada for a Project or Importing a Boat for Registry?   If you are a vessel owner or operator planning to import a vessel for a project or import a boat for registry in Canada, there are various rules and regulations to consider. The operation of foreign vessels in Canada is

A Crate for Killick

A Crate for Killick In PF Collins’ 40+ years of providing warehousing and crating services, we have made thousands of wooden crates for domestic and international shipments. From large offshore oilfield equipment to a time machine movie prop, we’ve packaged it all. But none were as special as the crate we recently made for our