A Crate for Killick

A Crate for Killick In PF Collins’ 40+ years of providing warehousing and crating services, we have made thousands of wooden crates for domestic and international shipments. From large offshore oilfield equipment to a time machine movie prop, we’ve packaged it all. But none were as special as the crate we recently made for our

Single Window Initiative (SWI)

The Single Window Initiative (SWI) The Single Window Initiative (SWI) is an initiative of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to establish a single portal through which importers can electronically submit shipment information for customs clearance. Once SWI is fully implemented, CBSA and participating government departments and agencies will streamline the sharing of import data.

What is an Immigration Consultant?

What is an Immigration Consultant? Ongoing changes to Canada’s immigration programs have led to increased requirements for businesses hiring foreign workers for their Canadian operations. As the rules and regulations evolve, many companies are relying on Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants to assist in obtaining work permits and visas for foreign workers. But what is Immigration