CERS | The Canadian Export Reporting System

What is CERS? The Canadian Exporting Reporting System (CERS) is a self-service web portal through which exporters can submit electronic export declarations and summary reports to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). CERS is replacing the Canadian Automated Export Declaration System (CAED), which is being decommissioned by Statistics Canada on September 30, 2020. After this date,

Canada Responds to U.S. with Aluminum Surtax

Canada Responds to U.S. With Aluminum Surtax Effective August 16, 2020, the United States (U.S.) applied a 10% tariff on imports of certain aluminum products imported from Canada. In response, the Government of Canada has issued a notice stating they will countermeasure with their own 10% surtax on imports of aluminum and aluminum-containing products from

Canada Customs Trade Compliance Audit Targets

Canada Customs Trade Compliance Audit Targets As an importer or exporter you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your shipments and declarations made to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) comply with import and export laws and regulations. CBSA manages trade compliance by performing audits either randomly or through compliance verification priorities. Each year, in