North American LobsterThe European Union’s (EU) Scientific Forum on Invasive Alien Species is considering banning the importation of North American lobster as a result of a risk-assessment study conducted by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. The study claims that the establishment of the North American species in EU waters threatens the European lobster stocks through the spread of disease and interbreeding.

Governments in Canada and the United States are opposing the claim that the North American lobster meets the definition of an invasive species, citing a lack of scientific evidence to support it.

The Canadian lobster industry exports an average of 13% of its catch to Europe, representing an estimated $390 million dollars each year. The average EU rate of duty is 11%, with seasonal peak of 25%. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will eliminate all duty on the importations of lobster from Canada with a gradual phase-in period of 7 years.

The following article provides further details into the review:

EU extends review of proposal to ban North American lobsters

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