A drawback is a refund of customs duties on imported goods that are eventually exported. Under CBSA’s Duty Drawback Program, you can even claim a drawback on imported goods that were sourced from a supplier in the domestic market!

Qualifying for a Drawback

If you are the importer, exporter, processor, owner or producer of the goods, you may qualify for a drawback if one of the following applies:

  1. You are directly or indirectly involved in importing goods that are later exported in the same condition they were imported; or
  2. Goods were further manufactured; or
  3. The imported goods were used in a limited manner to produce other goods for export.

Time Limits

In most cases, you have to present a claim no later than four (4) years from the date the goods were first imported. You cannot file a claim until you have exported the imported goods.

How to Apply

PF Collins offers a full range of duty drawback and refund services. Contact us today for more information or to assist you in your application.