Canada Customs Trade Compliance Audit Targets (Revised January 2023)

What are Trade Compliance Customs Audits?

Trade compliance refers to importers and exporters meeting rules and regulations governing the movement of commercial goods into and from Canada. Importers and exporters are responsible for reporting accurate information on their shipments to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). To ensure compliance with reporting requirements, the CBSA performs random and prioritized verification type audits. Each January and July, specified commodities are identified for audit and made public by the CBSA. When a product is targeted for a risk-based assessment, it is added to CBSA’s “Verification Priorities” list. During an audit, CBSA assesses these goods based on tariff classification, valuation, origin, or free trade certification. Several rounds of verification may be conducted if non-compliance for a specific item is high. For your convenience, we have created a current list of CBSA’s latest trade compliance audit targets: 

Trade Compliance Audit Targets January 2023

What to do if selected for an Audit?

Many factors determine if imported products are selected for audit. For instance, your product may just simply be on the latest list of audit targets. If your company receives a phone call or letter from the CBSA, please contact us as soon as possible at 709-726-7596 or [email protected]. We can advise you as to how to best proceed and guide you through the process. In order for us to act on your behalf during your audit, you will have to notify us of the audit and sign and submit the Letter of Authorization accompanying CBSA’s audit package. 

We Can Help

Customs audits have been steadily increasing in recent years. Therefore, we recommend importers and exporters establish a compliance plan to ensure accurate records are maintained. We offer several services to assist in creating a compliance plan and minimizing the risk of CBSA fines and penalties. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns regarding trade compliance audits or your import/export activities, please contact us at (709) 726-7596 or [email protected]