Canada Customs Trade Compliance Audit Targets

Importers and exporters are ultimately responsible for reporting shipment information to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The CBSA manages trade compliance by conducting audits randomly or by identifying specific products as audit targets.

Random verifications are completed throughout the year to assess voluntary compliance by Canadian importers.

Targeted verification audits are risk-based, with specific products identified as audit targets in January and July of each year. Products are targeted for review of tariff classification, value, origin, or free trade certification. 

We monitor and update the latest Trade Compliance Verification Targets in a quick reference guide for your convenience:

Trade Compliance Audit Targets January 2021

What To Do If Selected for Audit

There are many factors that could determine whether your imported products selected either randomly or targeted for audit by the CBSA. For instance, your product may be on the latest list of audit targets or your shipment may be selected at random.

If your company receives notification from the CBSA regarding an audit, we recommend contacting your Customs Broker immediately. The CBSA will not notify us if you are selected for audit. Therefore, we cannot assist or act on your behalf until you have notified us and signed the Letter of Authorization accompanying CBSA’s audit package.

Further details of current trade compliance verification priorities may be found on CBSA’s website.

We Can Help

Customs audits have been increasing in recent years. We recommend importers and exporters establish their own compliance plans to ensure accurate records are maintained.

We offer several service offerings that assist in creating a compliance plan and minimizing the risk of CBSA fines and penalties

If you have any questions or concerns regarding trade compliance audits or would like more information regarding your import and/or export requirements, please contact our Customs Consulting Department or your nearest PF Collins office.

We offer a full range of Customs Brokerage and Customs Consulting services to assist with all of your international trade and logistics needs.


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