Canada Customs Trade Compliance Audit Targets

As an importer or exporter you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your shipments and declarations made to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) comply with import and export laws and regulations.

CBSA manages trade compliance by performing audits either randomly or through compliance verification priorities. Each year, in January and July, specific products are identified as audit targets and made public. Certain products are targeted for review of tariff classification, while others are based on validation of their values, origin, or free trade certification. We have compiled the latest listing of Trade Compliance Verification Targets for July 2020 (downloadable PDF). We will continue to monitor and update trade compliance targets under Resources.

If your company receives notification from the CBSA regarding an audit, we recommend contacting your Customs Broker immediately. Your Customs Broker will not have been notified that you were chosen for an audit and, therefore, is unable to act on your behalf until you have made them aware and signed the Letter of Authorization accompanying CBSA’s audit package.

Further details of current Trade Compliance Verification may be found on CBSA’s website.
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